New plan for glass cover: Are you still worried about ceramic ink + physical strengthening?

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After being physically strengthened by instant baking and instantaneous cooling at a temperature of 680 °, the ceramic ink melts with the glass to achieve a very strong color adhesion and durability on the glass. It can withstand long-term sunlight exposure to the atmosphere It has a certain resistance to corrosion and is the first choice for the processing of outdoor display glass covers.


Ceramic ink, also called high-temperature ink, needs to be processed with physical strengthening. There are also relative problems.


1. Physical strengthening does not work in a dust-free environment. It is easy to have defects such as impurities and foreign objects during processing. For electronic display screens with strict appearance quality requirements, the yield rate is not high and the cost is relatively high.


2. Physical strengthening requires more than 3mm of glass to be processed (the glass is too thin, it is easy to break after high temperature), and the size is required (the product below 5 inches is not enough to strengthen the gap between the furnace rollers, the glass will fall).



3. The ceramic ink used for glass is only black and white, other colors will use low temperature ink.



In this way, for a small size and a thin glass cover that requires multi-color printing, how will the outdoor sunlight not fall off or change color?



The good news here is that I can find an alternative solution. That is anti-UV ink + chemical strengthening. The anti-UV ink we developed can meet the UV irradiance of 1.23W / m2 / nm, and the test time is up to 1000 hours, which is equivalent to a test duration of 42 days.



This solution addresses the needs of the following glass covers:



1. Unlimited thickness, can also be processed below 3mm thickness.



2. Can process various sizes over 1 inch.



3. It can process various colors. In addition to black and white, UV-resistant inks also have other color ink series.



4. Anti-UV ink with chemical strengthening, no black, foreign matter and other surface quality problems, low cost.




For customers of outdoor equipment, such as excavators, outdoor door locks, etc., they will recommend the use of anti-UV ink + chemical strengthening scheme to allow customers to pass the functional test of the product at one time, so that the customer ’s equipment can withstand the weather. Sun and rain.

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