Established a first-class R&D team in the industry, with middle and senior technicians accounting for more than 30% of all emplo

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Dongguan Yintaifeng Optical Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale integrated enterprise group focusing on deep processing of glass. It owns five subsidiaries including Yintai, Taisheng, Yintong, Yinsheng and Yintefeng.


The company adheres to the principle of "Innovation Leading, Technology Driven, Talent Leading, and Excellent Quality" and has established a first-class R&D team in the same industry. The middle and senior technicians account for more than 30% of the total; imported German, Italian, Finnish and other countries have the world's top deep processing of home glass. Production line, transformation of plant 85,000 m2, annual production capacity of more than 4 million m2 glass; with modern logistics system support to create a full-service system. It is the home glass manufacturer integrating design, R&D, production, sales and service with the largest scale, the most advanced technology and the most complete service.


The company's main products include home appliances, home appliances, and optical and electronic high-end accessories glass, which is known for its rich experience and excellent technology. Can process 0.33~19mm glass of various thicknesses, different specifications and shapes, can complete cutting, water cutting, edging, drilling, car flowers, screen printing, roller printing, oil injection, sandblasting, frosting, flat tempering, bending Toughening, hot bending, hot dipping, gluing, hollow, laser and other laser deep processing technology, can meet different customers, different process production and processing requirements. Successively passed ISO9001-2015 quality management system, ISO14001-2015 environmental management system international certification, 3C home appliances certification and ROHS certification. Excellent product quality and strong manufacturing strength have won wide acclaim from customers, and established long-term, stable and good business contacts and partnerships with the owners of electronic appliances, Europe sent Electronics, Samsung, SONY, LG and BOSE audio and other international famous brand companies. Exported to Europe, the United States, and Southeast Asia.

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